The North American Mangiarotti Society

The Modern School of the  Italian Sword

Levels of clinics

The society conducts three levels of clinics designed to provide training in the Modern School of the Italian Sword as taught by Maestro Di Scherma Edoardo Mangiarotti.  

LEVEL 1 CLINICS - These are single weapon clinics intended to provide familiarization with Mangiarotti's doctrine as a basis for understanding the development of Italian fencing.  They may be presented in person or by Zoom.  Level 1 clinics are 5 to 8 hours in length, depending on the weapon and the background of the participants.  Students should be coaches or as a minimum intermediate level fencers.

LEVEL 2 CLINICS - The Level 2 designation is awarded after completion of a Level 1 clinic in one, two, or three weapons and an oral examination on Mangiarotti's technique.

LEVEL 3 CLINICS - These are 3 day in-person clinics designed to endorse the credentials of students completing them to teach the Mangiarotti method at the level of their coaching credentials.

The Society is currently offering Level 1 Clinics in the Spada (Epee) and Sciabola (Sabre) and is planning to offer Foil at the end of 2020.

Participants who complete a clinic successfully receive a certificate, verification of continuing professional education hours, and an appropriate uniform patch for the level of clinic. 


LEVEL 1 SABRE EPEE ON ZOOM - starts Saturday 26 September 2020, end date 29 October, with one Saturday 1 hour session per week on Zoom at 1pm Eastern Time.  The same presentation is repeated at 7pm Eastern on Thursday nights.  Attendees can come to either or to both sessions.     

Consists of 5 one hour sessions on Zoom covering the theory of Sabre as presented in Mangiarotti and Cerchiari's La Vera Scherma.  Because we are now operating from Salle Green this course will offer a certain amount of blade and footwork.  Zoom does limit what you can do in presentations.  However, you will get ample chances to explore the use of the weapon.  This course is based on material from the 1960s, and sabre fencing has changed greatly since then.  However, the course will give you a thorough grounding in basic sabre technique if you are new to the weapon and an opportunity to understand the evolution to where we are today.  

Preregistration and payment is required by 25 September.  Please use the preregistration form to the right and the appropriate PayPal link.

Clinic instructor is Maitre d'Armes Walter Green.  Maitre Green was credentialed by the Academie d'Armes Internationale in Germany in 2005, holds the Diploma of the International Fencing Coaches Association, and is endorsed by the Circolo della Spada Mangiarotti to teach the Modern School of the Italian Sword. 

This clinic is approved for professional continuing educations hours for members of the North American Mangiarotti Society and the Classical Academy of Arms.

LEVEL 1 FOIL ON ZOOM - is projected to start in December 2020.  Watch this space for more information.

Clinic Registrations


If you do not have a PayPal Account, we will be happy to accept your check by mail to:

Salle Green, P. O. Box 799, Glen Allen, VA 23060-0799. 

Salle Green hosts NAMS and provides our accounting services. 

Our bounced check policy is simple - we delete you from the class, bar you from all future classes, and revoke any credential or certificate that you would have otherwise earned. 

Payment is due before the start of the second class of Level 1 clinics.

For current USFCA, CAA, and NAMS members registration fee is $35.00.  

For all others, registration fee is $45.00.


Discounted $35 fee for members of the United States Fencing Coaches Association, North American Mangiarotti Society, and the Classical Academy of Arms, paid through PayPal. Payment is due before the start of the second class of Level 1 clinics.


Regular clinic registration for individuals who are not members of one of the professional organizations above is $45.  Payment is due before the start of the second class of Level 1 clinics.