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Clinics and Credentials pages updated

The Clinics page is updated to reflect the new Sabre course starting at the end of September.  The Credentials page has been updated too clarify the new Levels 1, 2, and 2, and to start a list of the 2020 credential holders.

Level 1 Epee Course by Zoom well underway

Changes in club openings and other factors shifted us from a Tuesday-Thursday schedule to Saturday at 1pm Eastern.  The same presentation for Saturday is repeated at 7pm Eastern on Thursday nights.  Attendees can come to either or to both sessions. 

Level 1 Epee Course Schedule Change 11 July

Due to conflicts for some of our students as a result of club openings, we have rescheduled the course to start Saturday 11 July at 1:00 pm Eastern, with 5 sessions of 1 hour each, ending 8 August.

Level 1 Epee Course by Zoom starts 7 July 2020.

Our new Level 1 Course is designed as an introduction to one of the three weapons as described by Mangiarotti and Cerchiari in La Vera Scherma.  It is suitable for experienced fencers and coaches interested in the evolution of Italian fencing, and is presented by Zoom.  This is not a bladework or f…

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June CE Posted

Our June continuing education topic has been posted, complete with the review quiz.  In this segment we address the counterdisengage and the deceive - our coverage of angulation will be the July topic.  Yes, we know we were late on the June topic posting, but we will be caught up by the end of July.…

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May CE Topic

We exercised editorial judgment this month and changed the continuing education topic.  The Classical Academy of Arms is covering intentions this month and their material supports our addressing the same topic.  Read ours, and then read theirs at  Angula…

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The May Continuing Education Topic

May's training topic will address the question: What is angulation?  Our training topic each month picks one of the questions from the discussion question bank in La Vera Scherma, and answers it through discussion of Mangiarotti's text.  Expect the May training topic during the last week of the Mo…

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March Continuing Education Ready

Yes, we know, it is the end of March.  But the continuing education topic is finally posted and ready for your studying pleasure.

February Continuing Education Posted

Our February continuing education topic on Presa di Ferro, a lateral taking of the blade, has been posted.  The review questions will be posted tomorrow.

January Continuing Education Posted

January 2017's continuing education topic on measure is posted along with the review questions on the CE page

Accreditation and Annual Reports

Our Accreditation page now has an online application for accreditation as a Center of Instruction.  The annual report form is also available on the Accreditation page - Centers are reminded that the annual report is due by 1 January for 2016.

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December CE Topic Posted

Our December continuing education topic on offensive ceding is posted.  Expect the continuing education review questions to be completed by 6 December.  Note that we are expanding our discussion to include material from Giuseppe Mangiarotti's epee text La Spada where appropriate.

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Links Added

For our member's convenience we have added a small selection of Links relevant to the study of the Modern School of the Italian Sword, including to a copy of La Spada.

Facebook Page

We now have a Facebook page at  If you are a Facebook user, please like us.

Glossary Added

We now have a Glossary on this site.  Our goal is to build a complete a list of terms, their English equivalents, and short definitions of their meaning to assist users of ​La Vera Scherma and ​La Spada.  This will be a slow process as we continue to work on monthly continuing education and teach…

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Our First Teaching Guide Is Up

... at the Guides page accessible from the pull down at the top of each page.  We expect to have one new teaching guide out every two to three weeks.  The first guide provides a method for instruction in how to properly position the foil blade when coming on guard.  In the works are guides on t…

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Teaching Guides

We have started work on teaching guides for specific skills in Mangarotti's Technique - the goal is to eventually provide a complete manual for teaching this system.

Continuing Education Quiz Posted

As a learning review and a way to document completion of the continuing education topic, we have posted a short quiz for the October topic on parry by distance.  On the right side of the page there is now a form that allows you to submit your answers online.  Completion of the topic and quiz counts …

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Reminder About New Sabre Distance

The Federation Internationale d'Escrime has issued guidance on how to implement the new rule on placement of fencers at the on guard line.  The rule as originally issued for the test period was to place the rear foot of the two fencers on the on guard line.  This resulted in two tall fencers with th…

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First Continuing Education Topic Posted

Each month we will be posting a continuing education reading for our members.  The October 2016 reading on the Parry by Distance is now posted in the CE (Continuing Education) section

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