The North American Mangiarotti Society

The Modern School of the  Italian Sword

First Mangiarotti Coaching Clinic

Over the Columbus Day weekend we conducted the first North American Mangarotti Society clinic, hosted by Salle Green in Glen Allen, Virginia.  The clinic presenter was Maestro di Scherma Stuart Kaufman, a student of Edoardo Mangiarotti.  The first day was actually a read ahead day; attendees were provided a complete translation of over 100 review questions in all three weapons from Mangiarotti's text La Vera Scherma to serve as an introduction to the theory of the School.  Friday consisted of an overview of the clinic content and key themes, with Saturday, Sunday, and Monday being dedicated to the foil, epee, and sabre in order.  A total of  7 coaches attended.  Receiving endorsements to their professional credentials: 

Maitre d'Armes (AAI) Walter Green (FES)

Prevot d'Epee (USFCA) Mark Logan (FES)

Moniteurs (USFCA) Castilla McNamara (FES), David Cargille (FES), and Jim Kent (FE)

Assistant Moniteirs (USFCA) David Dimmett (FE) and Fred Vegas (FES)

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